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Ketan Buttons Pvt. Ltd.

Polyester Buttons

We use this material in the various types of buttons and fashion accessories. We have an extensive range of buttons in this category. Thanks to its malleability this material can be used in many shapes, shades, feature which allows us, in synergy with our customers, to project and to offer materials and specific typologies to be used exclusively.


  • Polyester Imitations Buttons

    Polyester Imitations Buttons

    That which nature makes with such beauty, polyester is able to imitate. Very resistant thermosetting synthetic resin it is distinguished for its versatility and is capable of recreating such natural features only found in mother-of-pearl, horn, wood, coconut, marble and tortoise-shell. With addition of special techniques and special materials we

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  • DTM Polyester Buttons

    The polyester buttons can be made in any color matching to the fabrics in fashion and also incorporate different modern techniques to make the buttons enhance the garment at its best.

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  • Recycle Polyester Buttons

    Recycled Polyesters are basically derived from the used and waste polyester bottles, old garments and industrial polyester waste. There is no difference between virgin polyesters and recycled polyesters in terms of high strength, durability, versatility, and performance. As the Co2 emission is less in the production of recycled polyesters, it

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